Frequently Asked Questions about Youth of Uttoron (YOU)

Question 1: What is Youth of Uttoron (YOU)? 

Answer: Youth wing of Uttoron aka YOU strives to provide a platform to encourage and nourish youth member of Uttoron through social, cultural and educational activities. You can find more information here.

Question 2: Do I need to explicitly register my kid as a YOU member? 

Answer: No. We only require the kid and a parent be registered as Uttoron members. 

Question 3: Can children of non-members participate in YOU events? 

Answer: As noted in membership benefits, only members children will be entitled to participate in-person YOU events. Although we keep the virtual YOU programs open to all as situation permits.

Question 4: Where can I find the event calendar for YOU events

Answer: You can find details of upcoming events at YOU Event Calendar. The list of events will be updated throughout the year. We send communication regarding new YOU events through regular communication channel like email and Facebook update.

Question 5: My kid does not read/write/speak Bangla yet. Can they still participate in some YOU events? 

Answer: Yes. We strive to ensure a diverse set of events that cater to YOU members with varied backgrounds and interests. We sincerely hope that you will find something that matches your kids interest and background.

Question 6: I have an idea for an event that will benefit YOU. How do I get in touch

Answer: We always welcome proposal for YOU events from larger community and parents. You can submit your new ideas here and send an email notifying your interest.

Question 7: As a parent, I would like to help out with YOU events. How do I get in touch?

Answer: Please send email with your volunteering interest and indicating the event. You can also keep an eye on communications from Uttoron soliciting volunteers for specific YOU events.

Question 8: Can I get school credit for volunteer hours for YOU

Answer: Yes. Please email the specific school form after filling out all the details if it needs signature from Uttoron's President.

Question 9: Where can I find more information on Uttoron Bangla School?   

Answer: Please visit the Bangla School site here.

Question 10: What if I have YOU questions not answered in the FAQ? 

Answer: Please email us your query.