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Boishakhi 2015

সবাই বলে আমাদের বাংলায় বারো মাসে তেরো পারবন। ঋতু বৈচি্ত্রের সাথে পালিত হয় লোকজ বাংলার বনাঢ়্য ও বৈচিত্রময় উৎসব। আমরাও এই সিয়াটেল এর বাঙালিরা মেতেছি বৈশাখী পালনের উৎসবে। এবারে আমাদের ২০১৫ বৈশাখী উৎসবের থিম্ ” পল্লী বাংলা – রং রূপ ও সংস্কৃতি ”

This year we are celebrating Boishakhi on May 9th at Newport High School with a fun-filled evening of programs presented by our Community members, a sumptuous dinner and lots of adda.

Below are some important information regarding the event:

Date: May 9th 2015 (Saturday)
Time: From 5:30 to 10:30 PM
Venue: Newport High School, 4333 Factoria Boulevard Southeast, Bellevue, WA 98006-1999 

Food – We are happy to bring a pure Bengali traditional dinner on the eve of Boishakhi – cost would be $12 per person. Pizza will be served for kids below 10 years.

If you have already registered online for dinner and pizza, you are all set – please bring your Paypal confirmation email and collect your coupons at the venue.

If you have not registered yet, we are sorry – online registration has been closed and no dinner coupons would be available at the venue.


You are, welcome to come in and enjoy the beautiful programs lined up for the evening. If you are not a member, you would have to pay an entry fee at the venue. Better still, become a member for the rest of the year and save.

Entry fee for non members at our Boisakhi event is as follows:
Individual: $20
Family of 2: $40
Each additional family member above 5 years: $5

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